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Welcome to the PWUA

The Postal Workers Union of Aotearoa (PWUA) is a union which has been representing workers in the postal industry since 1994. 

Membership is open to any postal workers and includes delivery agents,

posties, mail sorters, team leaders, support staff, processing officers, customer service, admin, drivers  box lobby and others. 

Managers are permitted to belong provided that they are regarded as worker-friendly. 



The PWUA is an incorporated society which is registered under law as a union.

The primary aim of the PWUA is to protect and promote the conditions of employment, economic and social interests, and quality of life of its members and workers generally.

A key way of achieving this is to foster, amongst its members, individual commitment and participation as well as collective strength and responsibility.

NZ Post might owe you money

NZ Post has just set aside $38 million for remediation of Holidays Act payments owing to employees. If you worked at NZ Post at any point since 20 May 2010, you might be owed money. You can register to find out what you're owed here:

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